• I write about how technologies shape society and our personal identities — and how we live our lives as users and creators of technology.

    I am currently working on three major projects: a book-length exploration of the car and its impress on American identity, an essay about a major twentieth-century photographer, and a popular Substack newsletter called Technocomplex.

About Me

I currently am working on three major writing projects. These projects explore ways that technology, broadly conceived, influences culture and society. As part of the focus on these influences, I am involved in a group devoted to studying and promoting “arts practices,” which concretely integrate technologies and human meaning. Broadly educated and formally trained in literature and history, I continue to teach a seminar at Duke University, from which I retired in 2021.

My Substack newsletter, Technocomplex, features essays and podcasts drawn from a wide perspective on society and culture. During fall semesters, the newsletter focuses more intently on how individuals and societies choose, limit, develop, and discard technologies. Get more information and a sampling of links to essays.